Saturday, April 23, 2011

I LIKE performing. I like it when I totally immerse myself in another vessel of consciousness onstage. I enjoy losing myself in a world that I previously imagined—with me as a major role player in such performance… I easily attach my soul to a crowd but I am detached from them physically—I prefer my life that way, most of the time. The attachment/detachment feed the intrigue and mystery—and, hopefully, some wisdom—that linger in my work. I like the audience to own my work—like I wrote those words for each of them, like I perform for them as individual energies. After the performance, I kind of just lose myself in the haze or I just gravitate back to my batcave. I want the audience to wander and wallow in whatever my work exude or project… It’s always painstaking to express myself or pour my heart out or speak my mind. I frustrate myself when I talk, I can spit out 100 words in 10 minutes—yet I don’t seem to cut my message across the way I wanted them to. I am frequently misunderstood or misread. So I find quiet fulfillment and joy in translating my thoughts and truths in written words or literature, a busy canvas, piano dirge or a clown persona behind a laughing mask, onstage. Bottomline is—humanity will understand us more, will accept the innermost parts of us, when we delve beyond the limits of spoken words or all those dangling conversations. We are within, not without. [For my upcoming shows, go to—BOOKINGS: Shows and Gigs]

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