Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Overkill Marketing of Zombies

OKAY, I love “The Walking Dead.” Many times I dig zombies more than I dig humans. But I am not discussing that at the moment... You see, I never favored all these what they call as prequels. Although I watched all three prequels to “Star Wars,” I didn't really approve of the marketing crap. I mean, do you remember Sio Bibble and Jar Jar Binks? Okay. While AMC's “The Walking Dead” was lording it over Nielsen ratings, the producers came up with a talkie “Talking Dead” show right after episodes where crew and actors blah-blah about stuff. Alongside that, you might wanna check out the spinoff Webisodes or web series, and motion comic or animated comic book version of the show—all these apart from the cast's festive in-person meet-ups with fans for photo-ops and free touches of Daryl Dixon's (Norman Reedus) chest.

          And whoa! Producers aren't satisfied! They came up with “Fear the Walking Dead,” a “companion series” and prequel—six episodes on Season 1 and 15 on Season 2. Set in Los Angeles, the series follows a dysfunctional family at the onset of the zombie apocalypse. I am a sucker. So I watched Season 1 anyways since it's quite accessible on Netflix instant watch. Season 2 debuts on April 10. Okay.
          But then that's not the end of the overkill. Now, there's “Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462,” a sixteen part mini series that features a group of survivors on a plane in the earliest moments of the outbreak. This release was done to help promote the second season of “Fear The Walking Dead” and Season 6 of “The Walking Dead.” Each episode will be released on Sunday, both online and during commercial breaks. I dearly and deeply hope that the producers of this show get devoured by zombies! 

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