Thursday, June 5, 2014


Duane is self-taught, as all my kids are. He learned by what he saw, felt and experienced himself. I seldom sat down with my son and imbued in him what art is or what he ought to be in the future. But I took him to where he could observe, ponder and work: artists gatherings, movies, playgrounds, my workplace/office, mountains and seas, downtowns, and I let him watched me as I pummeled a creasy typewriter to beat my deadlines... 

       That boy's joy was easy to come by. From a hard day's work coming home each night, I brought him his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and piles of scratch papers for him to draw and scrawl on... Those were enough to ignite a sweet glow of bliss in his eyes. And then we'd sit either watching the rain as “Stand By Me” played on cassette recorder, or we'd watch a movie together, all two hours of it, till we both succumbed to sleep... 

NOTE: It is June 6, his birthday, in the Philippines at this moment. The Pacific Islands side of Asia is 12 hours ahead of US East Coast time.

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