Friday, December 4, 2015

25 Things You Don't Know About Me

I FANTASIZE a lot. Like, I am a Hollywood celebrity or a rock star. So here are some of those little things that a celeb are asked (by showbiz magazines like US and People and Oprah). Just makin' life a bit light, you know.

[1] I wear socks all the time. I have a drawerful of socks, all colors.
[2] I don't like breaded food. I particularly don't like breaded fish.
[3] I don't drink milk at all, it'll turn my stomach upside down.
[4] My extreme phobia? Snakes. I am also slightly claustrophobic. Being kept in a car for hours gives me panic attacks.
[5] I am a huge Bee Gees fan, from the 60s to “Saturday Night Fever” disco days to the last album. Ask me anything about the Gibb brothers, I won't fail you. Really. Seriously.
[6] I collect old, old books. And hats. And cheap shades. And vinyl records.
[7] I am partial to strawberry-flavored food. I am a huge seafoods eater.
[8] I am voraciously following more than 20 TV series.
[9] I am not a very sociable person. Aloof. A contradiction because many know me as events organizer and performer.
[10] I hate driving.
[11] Despite my 101 percent presence on Facebook, I am not a techno geek or electronic nerd. I hate Smartphones and all those apps. I also don't like talking on the phone. But I reluctantly text. I'd rather see people face to face, one on one. I am painfully old-school in so many aspects of life and living.
[12] I like full bodied women. Not turned on by skinny or magazine-profiled women. I am extremely turned on by women who laugh and joke a lot. And deeply bothered and turned off by women who drink too much than they should.
[13] I buy my clothes mostly at Goodwill.
[14] I can't write or work on my desk or whatever until I cleaned the house, even though it doesn't necessarily requires cleaning.
[15] I hate dirty kitchen sinks!
[16] As a child, whenever I got up from bed, I fix it—so I never got up without my bed made up.
[17] I love colorful clothes and shoes etc. I have a closetful of clothes, mostly gifts from friends, relatives and relationships.
[18] I listen to all kinds of music, except rap and hip hop.
[19] I don't watch or listen to talk shows--on TV or radio. But I read a lot of columnists. I read my news on print (local newspaper and New York Times).
[20] My favored snack is ramen noodles.
[21] My two most favorite places on earth: the seafood market and library.
[22] My two most favorite rooms in the house: kitchen and my bedroom.
[23] I like analyzing political matters and economics globally but I am not a follower of any political party, in fact I hate politics. And I suck at budgeting.
[24] The magazines that I mostly read deal with business/economics, politics, showbiz and music.
[25] A US state that I long to visit: Wyoming. I don't know why.

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