Monday, February 1, 2016

Cultural Superiority?

I CALL it more “misjudgment” on the line of “cultural ignorance” (reinforced by historical miseducation). But the most blatant of this flaw is the feeling of racial superiority over others, just because one has larger ship (ie Queen Isabella's over Li Zicheng, Chinese peasant leader in 1600s), bigger house (castle over nipa hut), mastery of a language (English, French etc over Kirundi, Cebuano), or physical features (tall vs short etc). Or an Irish settler telling a Cheyenne long time ago: “In exchange for a better life, you must give me your land—I'll give you a Smartphone in return...” to which he was told, “Who told you you have a better life that I do? Smoke signals are fine with us.” 

       Hence, the most ruthless of “racism” is to force people to submit just because we want more of what they have to expand our narcissism and megalomania... “Racism” can also be gleaned by careless takes on people's cultural preferences from worship to clothing choice to food. For example, Jesus Christ's spirituality is no different from Siddharta Gautama's or the wind to a Cherokee and wooden “anito” to an Ifugao. I also sense racism in some of us in the West for sweepingly judging that a Muslim woman who wears a burqa is subservient (to a man); hence, they may also judge us that a visible thong in an American or British lady's butt or an ample cleavage as signs of subservience to man's sexual whims, etc. Or just because a tribe in Peru dines on bumblebees and a village in Kenya eats hippo meat, we call those “disgusting” or what we popularly say, “bizarre.” 
      If a Mongol tells a French person that eating raw veggies make them look like cows, that wouldn't sit well, I reckon. Hence, all these can be fixed by education, ie Mexico owned most of West Coast long time ago—and it was Spain who ceded those territories to America, not the Mexicans, same case with Hawaii and the Philippines to Spain/US, or Haiti and Vietnam to France long time ago. Or if we dig deeper why the Japanese eat fish and not hummus, and that the word “organic” doesn't exist in Nauru or Bolivian hinterland because food aren't processed in some hi-tech plant—we must not say they don't know good shit as gluten free gourmet chow. When other perceived stronger nation with shining garments invaded one “weaker” country just because the strangers need more silk and gold (ie mercantilism etc), then racism is such a sinful human act.

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