Monday, February 1, 2016

I am a writer and I write about what's going on

I AM a writer and I write about what's going on. My persuasion and drive, both fused by journalism not a figment of my imagination. So I need to explore the internet as I explore humanity (that's why I travel a lot and organize community events)... The internet is a given and it is very helpful for new immigrants like me who's family are so far. But what ticks me off is the unmitigated annoyance and distraction of having to deal with the world's insatiable obsession with--not having everything easy and handed-down. It's like trying to convince someone that, hey, it's only winter, it's spring next week--and this person insists that it's still winter next week, so he/she closes her/his doors to any possibilities and believes that I am just full of my spring-shit, LOL!

       In fact--which is fascinating--English or language isn't really utilized the way it was before, including in argumentative discourse. These days, it's all cryptic, acronyms, one-liners, and snappy remarks. Those are not even English. Those are all Attitude, which is annoying.
       That is the scary part of humanity. Kids are bludgeoned by these "models" of pop culture, day in and day out. No respite. It's all over. Reality TV, iPhones, even some school programs point to individual spunk than communal wisdom. The youths are lost--so it's our (older ones) responsibility to bridge the lessons of the past with the disconnect of the present, and hope tomorrow is a better day. But when the middle forces, today's younger parents, refuse to abide or listen to their own dads and moms, it's a mess. And the victims are the kids.
       Yes, today's life also redefined behavior and language. Bad is good, bitch is good, slut is good... Language is important, it is communication. Communication bridges people. These days people are judged by choice of vocabulary and how often his/her voice rises up--but not the overall character of the person... because how do we study a person's character when everything is googled and idealized? Not many go out there and hang out and talk. We scare ourselves with the world out there and womb in--within the short-attention span reality of the Net.
       Everything is second or third hand data, not the real deal that reaches to us as individuals, first hand.
       We are individualistic individuals that ironically abide by a mechanized truth. A truth that is actually sold to us via credit.

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