Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Old Age Limbo Rock

SOMETHING about aging and communicating facts to the young these days. Ideally, the so-called Truth is what must be passed to the young by the old—but it's not that easy, as it sounds. There are no Truths if these aren't backed up by Facts. So you talk about facts first. Facts, historical and cultural facts, that you gathered following years and years and years of experiential journey/s. Am I being too profound? Okay... What I'm trying to say is, when you get older with so many stuff and things to share, facts and infos that are actually wisdom but sound like hilarious BS to the young, it all boils down to two extremes. You either shut your mouth and savor quiet. Or you talk and talk and talk and talk—till you get exhausted. Why is that?

          When you are 50+ years old, for example, most likely you've gone through 4 or 5 or 6 changes of government leadership, fashion trends, economic lives, music industry upheavals, scientific/technological advances, global sociopolitical alignments etc. In regards your personal life, you've probably survived an acute ailment, changed religions or faith or paradigms, traveled to a number of cultural terrains, married and divorced, dated a few women, and probably raised kids. Which means, when a discussion kicks in about a certain subject, most likely you got a lot to say. You can't just say, “Oh yeah, that's it.” You are coaxed or moved to explain more, painstakingly drawing parallels and presenting differences between generations based on experiential truths—so you'd be able to support a conclusion. But then, it's never enough, never sufficient to just explain all these in one sitting... 
          So you get disappointed. You are told that you are being oblique, you are being self-righteous. People younger than you may debate you on the basis of what they read or what their professors said or what are advocated to them on their own/current time. You've gone through all these processes of education and knowing. But you can't say, “I've been there, you didn't—you are just in the process of knowing.” So in exasperation, you shut your mouth and try to listen, especially when you are told the young needs to be listened to as well. Most likely your passion and intensity are consigned as midlife crisis or old dude narcissism. So you decide to just listen—but you can't just listen and try not to... You know what I'm saying. You just have to say something. You've been there, you gotta say that you've been there. But then you gotta stop pushing it. So most likely you just keep quiet. And hope that you'd meet and talk with someone who have also gone through five decades of life, or someone who is willing to take the words in and save them in their memory bank, to review later—as they head to their own journey...

          Not many young people behave like that these days though. The young in this high-technology, one-click universe create their own media, write their own independent interpretation of historical facts, formulate their own system of faith or spirituality, draw out their politically-correct definition of human reflex and response irrelevant of sociocultural background or the past. They create their own Truths from the here and now. You simply belong in the past and the young have long sailed away. The bridge has been burned or burning.
         Ergo, when you see an old man quietly ruminating in a corner, that is okay. Maybe he's trying to navigate his memory and then write a book. Many times, old people simply want to write a book, as a personal journal to heal wounds from the past or simply to document the journey. Put everything in writing then leave those words out there for humanity to peruse, accept, reject or just utilize as tools to review and assess life later. Talking and talking and talking don't really help. It's frustrating. It's mentally draining. Such energy should be saved somehow in traversing the memory, where materials abound--composite truths that end up in your book. Just write `em. It is almost impossible to hand over truths on a text message or cafe chat these days. That is why I am all over Facebook and now staring at more than a dozen book projects to finish before I turn older and older and older... Write the damn book.

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