Monday, June 6, 2016

SOME loose/random Facebook exchange of views.

[ ] Money in the (protest) campaign.
Money isn't that imperative. Tactical alliances, grassroots groundworking. Thing is, activists these days spend more time preaching to the choir than reeducating the "uninformed" middle forces. Money doesn't move change. Otherwise the One Percent will gobble you up. Let me put this way. America is still relatively comfortable (or the mindset is) to really push for real change. Ask people to gather at a City Council meeting to exact even the littlest amendment, who go there? The homeless. The people who know how to "move" change? Wombed in the internet.

[ ] The bathroom issue.
It is a defocus. Energies should be put into scrutinizing real gut issues. The Occupy movement isn't going to work because it embraced un-organization and embraced "chaos as fun." It was like a summer camp for kids who didn't want to mow the lawn. I was in Zuccotti Park for two weeks at the onset of the so-called protest. If Bloomberg didn't ask McDonald's across the street to serve the Occupiers 24/7, the convergence would have been over in 12 hours. No groundworking. They didn't even know what they wanted. They presented a 10- or 15-point demand form but these were all fantastic demands that only a full-blown revolution can achieve. They were dreaming. Revolution? When they won'tt even touch donated food that is GMO-induced or they freaked when cellphone loses signal?

[ ] Did we lose much (compared with the world?)
When it comes down to it, Americans didn't lose much. This is still a country where goodness and comfort reign supreme. Look how we drive our cars to the next curb to throw garbage or how we use electric power while Netherlands boasts of bicycles to Congress and Kerala turns off lights at 9 PM. We just lost the ability to feel reality up our guts as against the idealism of having to gain 'em all (or losing what we gained). We lost the jobs yet we are still hugging the trees. We struggle to pay bills and install a new room for growing kids, yet we spend too much time on bathroom rights. It is not how America was after the Depression when FDR ushered the New Deal. Irrelevant of the economic downturn and China's ascent to power and Russia overtaking Saudi Arabia in oil production, we are still talking about The Illuminati and gluten free funnel cakes. (Sarcasm.)

[ ] Elections are about winning.

It is a speech bait, slogan, soundbyte, PR strategy. Politicians appeal to and navigate emotional terrains, the surface of it, than what's on or in the terrain. Trump's following, I believe, is a product of growing people-dissatisfaction of traditional structures in American society, foremost of which is governance. I cited studies and data in my previous posts and blogs. Not hard to understand. People lost jobs, lost houses and cars, lost marriages and families, and when they go to the store, it's all Chinese products. Then who go to war, those what we call "rednecks" and right-wing believers--yet when they go home with severed limbs and mental confusion, they still fight for their benefits. It's gut issue. People want change. Will they get it from another elitist, politically-correct leader? Or from someone who speaks their voice and grievances. I am not saying that Trump is a good dude. All I am saying is--we gotta figure out the big WHY? It's staring us in the face. The progressives should reeducate these mass of people gravitating to a demagogue than call them idiots (that's what I see in the social media and in most discussions with friends who against The Donald). 

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