Sunday, April 24, 2016

How seductive and alluring and mystifying love is

LOVE. How seductive and alluring and mystifying love is. Love is beautiful, it is so glorious that when it gains entry into a heart—all that is felt is pleasure, all that is seen is beauty, all that is heard is a sweet song of wisdom. And so we gravitate to love—we slip and slide on a sweet sweep to love like an ocean's tempest that crawls back to the shore on a calm approach.         
LOVE heals, love is positively pro-active, love isn't immobile or inactive—it is constantly moving, finding ways and means to change for the better. Hence, we should evolve into better human beings when love starts finding room in the deepest confines of our being. Love motivates and inspires, but it should motivate us more to realize brilliant potentials instead of coddling us to daydream under a moonlight's glare. For love is real, it is not imagined... I learned a lot from life, from falling in love then falling mightily hard. In each misstep or mishap, I excise sublime lessons despite the bleeding wounds within. I grow, I find a spiritual maturation that only strengthens me than weakens me more.
            LOVE is all about presence—being there, being around, being beside her. Beside her, that no matter how harsh and uncomfortable circumstances and situations that love randomly chooses to blossom, nurture, and nourish itself—we choose to stay. It's because many times we believe love will find a way. Because since love is positive and optimistic, the co-dependency only points at the good things that both can do together—from little shared activities like pulling grasses off a winter's brush on spring or folding clothes together off the dryer or choosing fresh ingredients in an open market for a paella and red wine for dinner to bigger synergistic projects like a children's book written together or a family community event organized together or simply an entire Thanksgiving or Christmas Day hangin' out with either or both families...
          PRESENCE, being there. That is love... Love is not just a five-figured proposal flashed on Jumbotron on a baseball game, adorned by a four-figured ring. Love is not blind subservience or allegiance based on un-reason either. Love is not dancing with her in the dark, it is walking with her in the dark—onto the light. Love is not defending her no matter what, whether she is right or wrong—because love sees not the person you had the hottest sex with or gifted you the most awesome car ever. Love sees the goodness of a shared energy, not the badness of a shared coolness. So when we find ourselves sliding back to the darkness that we thought would be swept away, or we feel we are leading her to darkness—we must pull out, quit and leave. For love is not Sid and Nancy, or Bonnie and Clyde, not even Romeo and Juliet—because love offers more life than dooms life. It is not dying together, it is living together. Love must calm anger down than trigger it, love must create than destroy, love must bloom nonstop than waste away.
          MEANTIME, when you are in love today, savor it—continue watering it, continue feeding it. Like The Little Prince who tamed The Fox—we are all The One Special Rose that we cared for, protected in a glass globe from pummeling rain, piercing sun, and cold snow. We need that warmth as we need to be needed to give warmth. So write her a poem each morning, cook her the best dinner, walk with her hand in hand in the street, massage her feet later as she rests in bed, tell her funny stories than sad tales, touch her face and look into her eyes when you kiss her, hold and explore her nakedness when you make love to her... And do these over and over and over again—until all these beautiful blessings become a part of yourselves that no matter how the unpredictable seasons of life attempt to shake love, you two are still rockin' and rollin'.
          SO love the one you're with. And be there, always be there.

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